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Increased global competitiveness has resulted in reduced profits and tighter margins. Risk Management is an essential tool that is used to ensure that a company is not exposed to losses unnecessarily. Claim Recovery Consultants (CRC) is able to assist clients in the effective and efficient management of their risk through the structuring of systems and processes to minimise risk.

Risk and opportunity go hand in hand. Many projects strive to advance current business capabilities and achieve something that hasn’t been done before. But the opportunity for advancement can’t be achieved without taking some risk. It’s a fine balance in an entrepreneurial company such as Claim Recovery Consultants, where managing risk can have a constraining effect on the development of creative solutions.

Part of CRC’s mission is to pay attention to detail, in particular the day-to-day administration of transactions. It is often in the nitty-gritty of transactions that the real risk lies. The management of key events and the successful conclusion of a transaction often rests with the quality of documentation. Error free documentation is also essential for transparency, compliance with regulations and protection of intellectual property. It also mitigates potential risks.

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