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Claim Recovery Consultants are specialists in the pursuit of claims in contract or delict (tort) and have the expertise to manage all aspects of the recovery process. Our in-depth knowledge of contractual and common law principals, combined with local and international legislation and conventions places us in the ideal position to help clients deal with their losses and maximise returns on their claims for compensation of a loss.

There are many international conventions relating to rights of recovery such as the Hague, Hague-Visby, Hamburg Rules, the Warsaw Convention and other international agreements, which govern the transportation of goods. Not only should one be fully aware of how countries apply these conventions, but how these interrelate with the contracts of Affreightment in question. When pursuing a recovery action, the contract conditions invariably include a considerable amount of detail or fine print, that has to be taken into account. Our extensive experience in dealing with such terms and conditions on a regular basis allows us to optimise our recovery actions to the benefit of clients.

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