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Claim Recovery Consultants are solutions driven company that can assist clients in the formulation and development of systems to minimise and manage losses within their specific environments. Our knowledge in the claims and insurance environment allows us to guide and advise clients in ways to manage their risk and potential loss exposures.

There are numerous pitfalls that a clients need to be aware of when dealing with contracts of carriage and sale. These include the issues of liability and risk which become paramount when a loss arises. In numerous cases, clients suffer losses through no fault of their own, but rather through the negligence of third parties. It is imperative that clients understand the various circumstances and conditions where their cargoes are placed at risk.

Only once these are known can one ensure that the necessary contractual relationships are put in place to minimise the risk, and, where necessary, shift the risk and responsibility to a third party. Claim Recovery Consultants have extensive experience in what 'can go wrong'. As a result, we are ideally placed to provide advice on the do's and don'ts of moving cargo and the ways to minimise the risk of potential losses. We also have a network of attorneys to provide the necessary legal assistance where required.

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