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A fast and efficient claim's handling service is essential for insurance companies, insured and the self-insured businesses. Claim Recovery Consultants are experienced in handling all types of cargo claims, whether they involve industrial equipment, perishable goods, specialist electronic goods, bulk cargoes, motor vehicles, chemicals and steel or any other product or commodity that is traded internationally. We have an in-depth knowledge of the documentary and procedural requirements to ensure that claims are lodged on insurance companies correctly whilst protecting rights of recourse against negligent third parties.

Claim Recovery Consultants have the expertise and systems to manage your losses effectively and efficiently. We can investigate, advise, collate and present the necessary documentation to substantiate losses to insurers and third parties alike, for finalisation and settlement on behalf of clients. In addition, our information systems provide up-to-date status reporting whilst maintaining accurate historical data thereby allowing clients to monitor trends and manage their risk effectively.

CRC also has the ability to manage your claims portfolios to ensure that accurate historical data is produced detailing loss profiles. This greatly assists clients in the effective management of their risk.

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